BRACE Industrial Group, in partnership with New Jersey-based Aspec Scire Inc., is pleased to offer drone-based inspection and evaluation of all your valuable assets. This technology enables accurate inspections to identify problems in building envelope materials including brick masonry, concrete, glass curtain wall, steel, stone masonry, and stucco. The defects we can detect include corrosion, cracked mortar joints, cracks, displaced masonry, efflorescence, erosion, moisture, open mortar joints, peeling, spalls with exposed rebar and stains.

After the drone inspection, BRACE can perform the repairs and restorations with our excellent technicians, engineers, and safety professionals. Your project will be successfully completed safely, on-time and under budget. We do the full layout work before jobs start, helping mitigate disruptions and surprises. A drone inspection is another great service we offer that complements our other services to deliver long-lasting results

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