Asset Inspection

Aspec Scire’s Vimana is quickly becoming the favorite solution for drone based asset inspections. With Vimana drone operators can generate complex flight plans and inspectors can complete inspections in a fraction of the time of the time it currently takes them to rappel down building walls for doing manual inspections. Here are a few of the capabilities of the Vimana Cloud Platform for performing specialized inspections.

Glazed Facade Inspection

Building facades require periodic statutory inspections in most major cities. Vimana allows users to create complex drone flight plans and also organize, process and archive images collected using drones.

Glass Facade Inspected by Aspec Scire's Vimana using Drones

Inspection of a glazed curtain wall facade, like the one above, is extremely challenging.

Manual Inspection

Conventional rappelling techniques are currently employed for close range inspections. These are laborious, dangerous and expensive.


Drone Inspection by Vimana

Drones equipped with powerful conventional cameras and thermal cameras can significantly enhance inspection capabilities. As seen above on the left hand side of the screen, each red dot represents a single image taken by the drone as it performs flights around the building. One the right hand side is the detailed image that can be annotated. Vimana performs Machine Learning based annotations. Performing facade inspections with Vimana saves up to 80% in time and cost of conventional inspections.

Vimana's Built In Issue Tracker

The built-in issues tracker allows inspectors to inspect the facade from the comfort of their office. Issues are captured and archived for future reference. Issues can also be classified into different categories and prioritized.