Construction Analytics

Document the entire construction lifecycle

Control schedule slippages, ensure quality, enforce site hygiene

Keeping track of  projects is a major challenge. PMC reports and site visits take away precious time and money. Vimana platform provides senior and mid management ability to monitor projects remotely backed by visual evidence and digital documentation

Vimana Vizon provides the ability to track projects. If you want to discuss specifics with the onsite team based on visual evidence, track stockpile movement or if you have outsourced construction and want to get periodic updates on the progress – Vimana platform is the best partner you can rely on.

Empower your structural engineers and designers to use quality checking features like as-built vs as-designed analysis that Vizon provides. Reduce their site visits and expand their capacity.

Deploy Aspec Scire’s flagship product, VIMANA VIZON and monitor all your projects remotely, wherever you are.  With multiple ongoing projects, Vizon has enabled many of our customers in reducing their travel time by 55 %. With millimeter level accuracy, structural engineers can now perform most quality checks remotely.