Surveying Difficult Terrain

Topographic surveys and terrain analysis

Precise surface and terrain models in a fraction of time

Survey accuracy is a function of points read. With millions of points read using drones, Vimana generated topographic survey and contour maps are essential inputs for making decisions on acquiring land. They also become critical for designers and architect for pre-construction planning activities.

Vimana Visto is miles ahead of conventional surveying techniques. Apart from accuracy, it reduces the time taken significantly. Using proprietary data gathering standards and algorithms, Visto allows to survey difficult to reach terrain, without sacrificing on accuracy. Deploy Visto to map difficult and remote terrains for varied needs like construction, electrification, energy mapping etc.

Deploy VIMANA VISTO and get centimeter level accuracy on terrain profile, along with detailed digitisation of the surface, for pre-construction design and planning. Some of our customers have deployed Vimana in difficult terrains, where Visto took 1/8th of the time as compared to a conventional survey.