Excavation Analysis

Excavation & Cut-and-Fill Reports

Highly accurate volumetric analysis on data collected periodically

Any large infrastructure or construction project involves substantial amounts of earthwork. Quick and accurate cut-and-fill analysis is key to optimising this highly capital intensive activity.

Vimana Vizon has been applied to a variety of projects including solar plants, highway and railway construction, dams and canals and large residential and commercial projects. Excavation tracking has helped reduce pilferage and realise savings. Accurate cut-and-fill analysis has helped architects and engineers, plan projects better, but optimising grading and levelling activities.

Deploy Aspec Scire’s flagship product, VIMANA VIZON and track the excavation progress across the site.  Even a mere 5% cost savings of the overall excavation more than covers the cost of the product.

Evacuation Volume

Large excavations should be tracked closely. Tracking helps ensure that volumes are accurately recorded on site and payments are based on actual extractions. This service also helps assess the quantity of rocks encountered during excavation.