Solar Construction Monitoring and Operations

Solar Plants Construction Monitoring

Land grading, construction tracking, maintenance cycle

Track construction progress remotely; compare with the schedule and take timely measures to correct. Get periodic progress statistics like holes drilled, piles, trackers, tables and purlins installed. Check if the construction is progressing as per design. Track equipment usage and movement at site remotely

To plan for optimal grading, use Vimana’s accurate elevation profiling (survey output) and perform cut-and-fill scenario analysis. Track tilt of solar panels, to maximise energy production efficiency.

Vimana Vertx provides post-construction solutions for operations and maintenance, including solutions around automated anomaly detections in PV modules using thermal imaging techniques.

Vimana Suite 3 (VISTO, VIZON, VERTX) is an indispensable partner for your solar power project. Plan, monitor, save and improve efficiencies across the lifecycle.