Drone Operators

Turbo charge your drone business with Vimana, a hi-tech and affordable platform for Drone data.

Are you using Google Drive or DropBox to distribute your outputs? With Vimana you can not only store and distribute your outputs, your customers can also visualize and interact with your outputs.

Vimana can be white labeled and we’ll help you to:

  • Bring sophisticated data analytics to your clients
  • Help your clients monitor progress of their projects, using multiple contextualised visuals
  • Provide your clients a visual documentation platform with collaboration tools

Track construction progress, from first day to the project completion, using multiple visuals – 360 panoramas, oblique images, videos, Aerial maps, Elevation maps and 3-D models. Use the Vimana toolset to make measurements on maps and extract detailed analytics.

Annotate images, 360 panoramas and maps. Capture issues (snagging) and collaborate with the site team. Share visuals with external parties with ease.

Brand Vimana with your logo and corporate colors. Integrate Vimana into your website. 

Vimana has many plans to suite your needs.


  • Use SiteVu if your clients only want visuals. Learn more
  • SiteAnalytx Vista augments visuals with power of maps & analytics.
  • SiteAnalytx Power is designed with data processing and analytics in mind. If you need to generate maps, 3D data and produce complex analytics, check out the power plans.

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