Asset Inspection

Construction Monitoring software

Aspec Scire’s Vimana Cloud Suite helps you efficiently inspect assets. This could include the facades of buildings, chimney inspections, transmission pylons and so on. You can perform both qualitative and quantitative inspections.All the inspection reports are saved on the cloud and available to to shared with your back-office teams and stakeholders.

Perspective and 360 views

Perform a virtual site walkthrough with this feature. This feature together with a plan view of the site is a great way to post stakeholders on project progress. Accurate and timely communications ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the project. This feature can also be used by your clients for sales and marketing, to provide their prospective customers a view of the surroundings and the general vicinity.

CAD overlay: 

In a construction project, deviations from design have to be detected quickly and rectified. Timely detection and rectification can save expensive rework and potential regulatory infractions. Provide this feature to your clients to detect errors in setting out, incorrect excavation boundaries/foundation trenches, incorrect setbacks etc.