Partner With Us

Vimana platform is used by surveyors, construction management companies and drone operators to convert a drone into a powerful data analytics tool. Our partners bundle Vimana platform with their solutions to their clients who include owner/developers, real estate investors, municipalities and governments. 

      • If you are a general contractor, construction management firm, surveyor or drone operator please reach out to us at “”. We will be happy to discuss how we can customize our products for your specific needs and jointly address the market. 
      • If you are a hardware manufacturer focused on the construction or solar industry the Vimana platform offers a powerful analytics platform. Please reach out to us at “” to see how we can integrate your product into our platform. 
      • If you are an end customer in need of drone analytics we will be happy to refer you to a partner who can fulfil your needs. Our partners have invested in drones and have experienced drone pilots on their staff. Pilots are certified and licensed based on local jurisdictions and prevailing laws. All our partners carry liability insurance as required by local law.

Partner Benefits

Vimana platform can be whitelabeled. White labeling helps in maintaining a consistent branding with your other products and services.

Aspec Scire will provide a combination of online, classroom and field training ensures our partners are brought up to speed quickly, so they can focus on bringing value to their customers.

Featured Partners

  • Icon Surveyors
  • CPG Land Servicing
  • AEROJO Drone Productions
  • YelloSkye