Vimana is a powerful platform for processing, visualizing, storing and organizing data collected from drones, 360 cameras, mobile phones and IoT devices.


Vimana Cloud Suite

Vimana 3.0 is a revolutionary self-service (SaaS) platform used by general contractors, surveyors and construction management companies worldwide. It is used for data processing and producing outputs for use in marketing, construction monitoring, operations & maintenance and land acquisition.

Vimana Cloud Suite does not require expensive capex investments in computers or software. It has been built on the Google Cloud Platform and designed to be highly scalable and suitable for daily use. Our customers white label Vimana Suite for seamless integration with their business branding, and use it on a pay-per-use or subscription basis.

Vimana Assistant

Vimana Assistant is an iPad app that provides many of the same capabilities of Vimana web browser application. With the Vimana Assistant you will have access to all the details of your construction projects at your fingertips. Access information and communicate with your project management team & stakeholders instantaneously with the Vimana Assistant.

Vimana Real Time

Use VimanaRT™ to perform spontaneous inspections and generate an inspection report in real time. The VimanaRT™ functions provide an extended reach for your site inspectors so that they can manage hard to access locations without putting themselves at risk while reducing costs and improving oversight efficiency.

Vimana Navigator

This tool helps the operator conduct large surveys and supplement drone data. The data acquired on the ground with Navigator helps perform drone surveys more accurately and helps create hybrid surveys by capturing supplementary information like service lines and other ground data.

In any large photogrammetric survey accuracy is critical and ground control points (GCP) ensure highly accurate results. It is important to place sufficient GCPs on the site in the proper locations. The Vimana Cloud Suite helps generate a GCP plan and based on ground conditions, the Vimana Navigator helps you modify these plans as needed. The Vimana Navigator App is used on-site to help implement GCP plan modification and capture readings all in the same app. Vimana Navigator is available for both the Apple iPhone and Android™.